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The Internet has come a long way in the past decade. It’s gotten to the point where if you don’t have a website these days, you don’t exist.

Now more than ever, with the rapid rise of the mobile web you need responsive web development to keep up. The world has changed from, if you don’t have a website, to, if you don’t have a responsive site…

Mobile users have different needs and user experience than traditional desktop site development creates. As a responsive website design agency, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure we build you and “any platform” friendly website.

Now, let’s look at some things you should know about responsive web design.

What is responsive web design?

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s no big deal. Let’s go over some basics.

Responsive websites are websites that can be viewed on any device. Page widths, colors, links, text, graphics, and videos are automatically adjusted to fit the size and shape of any screen on which it is displayed, from a large HD screen to a small screen on your phone. With responsive website design services, you can ensure that your domain has the tools and content you need to grow your business.

Why is responsive website design important?

Today, more people around the world own a cell phone than a toothbrush, according to the Consumer Technology Association.

That’s why smartphones have made responsive web design a must for every business. It will only become vital when cell phone usage increases year after year.

So why is this important to you and your business?

With a website designed to be responsive and mobile first, your business will enjoy the benefits of improved user experience, improved functionality, and improved SEO rating, which equates to greater digital success with responsive web design.

Can my current website be updated?

Unfortunately, in most cases that we’ve seen, it’s not as simple as “updating” your website to responsive design to fit every screen size. We usually have to rebuild to a mobile website or a full site using a content management system like WordPress that allows us to manipulate the code.

Also, we prefer not just to make a mobile site or mobile version of your site, but instead create custom websites that focus on a mobile first approach.

When it comes to mobile friendly vs responsive, many people use terms interchangeably, but what is the difference between mobile design and responsive web design? The mobile-friendly design means that a webpage will appear the same way on all devices and a single layout will look good for all screen sizes. Adaptive design improves the user experience of each mobile window by changing the way content is presented to the user based on the device they are using. This is done automatically, without the webmaster updating multiple versions of the same website multiple times.

How do I find the best responsive web design agency?

If you came across this article because you are currently looking for responsive web design services, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our development team has created and updated hundreds of sites over the years, from ecom to affiliate, corporate to community websites. Our potential customer is anyone looking to create a stunning and modern online presence.

Things to look for in a design agency:

  • Experience – are they just starting out or have they built multiple sites that drive website traffic?
  • Modern Web Design – what does their website design portfolio look like… are they creating stunning interactive sites with killer graphic design elements, or are they stuck in the days of forums and Myspace?
  • Custom code – are they able to adjust the code of the site to fit your needs or are they just marking up someone else’s hard work and hoping you don’t have any requests?
  • Mobile First Index – do they know the latest protocols from Google or are they setting you up for SEO failure?

Finally, an important factor we recommend you research with former clients of theirs, did they have an enjoyable experience working with the agency on their responsive website design project? It’s not just about the user experience of your site, it’s also about quality assurance and the ability to work together as a team!

We’d love to set up a call and discuss your site needs. From design and implementation to SEO and Digital Marketing of the new site, we’ve got you covered!

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