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Some business like to work with local companies, especially when it comes to Phoenix SEO. 

We get it.

You get that warm feeling when you work with neighbors, and we love that!

Although our main office is in Scottsdale and we do a lot of work with local Phoenix businesses. We have satellite offices in Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, England, and the Philippines. So, almost anywhere you are, we local!

Phoenix is our home though, and we’ve been here for 13+ years. We’ve been doing business consulting, advertising, SEO, and web development for just as long!

But enough about us…

What to look for when searching for a Phoenix SEO provider:

Looking for the right Phoenix Advertising Agency

There are a few things to look for with any SEO Agency you might be looking into. One of the major things we recommend is a good working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. We’ve come across some folks over the years promising the world, without even knowing what the acronym SEO stood for… and that’s not an exaggeration.

The rules regulating SEO, well there are none. That means the practitioner you may be interviewing could use any and all sorts of questionable methods to get your site ranking. Be sure that they lay out what exactly they plan to do, and HOW they plan to do it when it comes to their SEO services.

Things To Ask:

Things to ask and agency before working with them.

We thought of some basic questions to ask any potential partner when vetting their capabilities.

  1. How many other clients in my niche and city are you working with?

    This is important to know. At Painted Brick Digital, we try and keep our niches or specific business partnerships to a 1 per agency ratio. It doesn’t make sense to us to cannibalize another client’s listings because we happen to be working with 2 dentists. The caveat in this is, local SEO clients… if we’re working with one dentist in Phoenix and another in Chicago, then we don’t see a conflict of interest. Some SEO agencies only work with a specific DMA or zip code and this is a big red flag to us.

  2. What is your link building strategy?

    You want links back to your site. Think of them as votes of confidence from the internet that you, or your site, have something worth checking out! And if that’s the case, then the more links the better right? Wrong. Not all links are created equal. We often do just link building packages for clients and they take a ton of time and effort. In the past, PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) were all the rage. Basically, they were a site with thin content specifically built to “vote” for other sites. While they are still very much in use today, we have removed them from our client strategies. If your potential Phoenix SEO Agency says it will be simple to grab some links or they’ll “throw some links at it”, be wary where they are coming from.

  3. Why is your SEO Audit free?

    This one may get us in trouble with other SEO’s. There are a lot of “SEO’s” out there. A LOT! Some of them are new, like, watched a Youtube video on SEO tactics last night and call themselves professionals today, new. One of the ways they “hook” you is to offer a “FREE SEO AUDIT”. Truth is, most people don’t obsess about Search Engine Optimization (Really it’s just nerds like us), but the ones that start to poke around can come across some very powerful SEO based tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs which can offer a ton of value in the right hands. Some new SEO’s will offer a free audit, throw your domain in one of these tools, and report back what is spit out. Valuable info… if you know how to act upon it. Here’s the truth, we do quick audits for free for clients all the time to see if they are a good fit for us… but our real client audits… they take days if not weeks to complete. Our team turns over every rock and looks in every nook and cranny to put together an informative, robust, specific and actionable plan on how to best rank your business for the optimum keywords. (We also often suggest the best plan of attack to simultaneously run Search campaigns to get you an immediate boost in leads while the SEO works its magic…) And these audits usually start around $1000 for a national campaign… days of time spent by a team of people… it’s not cheap. So, the next time you see a “FREE SEO AUDIT” offer… know that it’s nothing mind-blowing and usually only takes 5 min to complete.

Basic Info For You To Better Understand SEO:

basic knowledge about seo


There is a lot of confusion out there when business owners think about SEO.

Let’s be honest, you don’t have time to think about clients, employees, payroll, billing, and everything else that comes with running a business on top of all the latest “best practices” when it comes to marketing and advertising your business.

The same could be said for SEO. It terrifies some and excites others, but it is a necessary evil in today’s online world.

The Basics.

Search engines like Google index and organize all of the information on the internet. With millions of web pages being created every day… there’s a lot of information.

What search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others try to do is find the best information for the user based on what the user is searching for.

Let’s say the user is getting ready to move and looking for the “best moving company in Phoenix”. If you were a moving company in Phoenix, you would want to show up when that search happens right?

By working with a Phoenix SEO company like us, (although you don’t have to work with a local company when it comes to SEO cause the internet is everywhere) you could create content to help searchers find you as a resource and specialist in moving, based in Phoenix.


The plan that you would create would take into account the “search intent”, or what people want with their “best movers” search.

The keywords relevant to your niche and location, like “Phoenix moving companies”.

The content that you could create to make help potential clients out like “tips for moving during an AZ summer”

(TIP: don’t. …or move REALLY early in the morning before you melt)

Melting in Phoenix during a summer move.

All of these things together would help drive organic traffic to your website and bring in more leads to help your moving business grow.

Pro Level.

When it comes to professional SEO… market, competitor, keyword, and site speed research can mean the difference between page 2 and position 2.

One will almost ensure your company stays unknown and the other with skyrocket your business with an almost endless supply of FREE inbound leads.

The reality is, anyone can learn SEO, but unlike economics, civil engineering, or real estate, there is no set handbook. No college actually offers an “SEO Bachelors”, because it’s organic and always changing. It takes a lot of time combing through the misinformation, and testing hypothesis to get proficient at it.

You want to work with an agency that stays on top of the trends, both good and bad, to ensure your SEO efforts are hitting the mark.

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So, if you’re looking for a Phoenix SEO, contact us today and we’ll send you that free report… then we can talk about your real goals.