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We wanted to take a second and talk a little about branding. At Painted Brick Digital (aka, PBD Agency) we’ve said many times that in this interconnected internet world, you, your business, or your brand need a website. You also need to have social profiles that feed back to that website. The problem comes in when you have a longer name that won’t fit many of the profile’s character restrictions. So, to keep the brand message the same, you need to create a “nickname” or abbreviated version. In our case, we have a few: PBD Agency, PBDagnecy, or just plain PBD. This allows us to build many business profiles without venturing too far from the original name.

We’ve also thought about monogrammed towels because PBD looks great in stitchwork!

How PBDAgency Uses Social Media To Spread It’s Business Details

Think of it as a wagon wheel. The more spokes you can build into that wheel, the stronger it will be. This also goes for building a brand. Using initials of a shortened version of your brand name if the full name isn’t possible is the best way of building most of the social properties out, then provide a link back to the web site. This should have users, and Google, better understands that your brand name is also associated with the other versions. (In our case again, PBD, PBD Agency, and PBDagency and all link back to this web site). As agency veterans, we know that repetition is the key!

This will also assist with building a “brand moat” to help keep your competitors from encroaching on your brand and brand aliases. Getting these aliases out into your local business community is another great way that you can assist with customer contact and recognition.

We Use Multiple PBD Entities To Define Our Brand

When putting content out online, we use several different versions of the company name, and you should do the same. From time to time, we use the full “Painted Brick Digital”, but in a lot of our consumer messaging, we like to use our aliases (PBD, PBDAgency, PBD Agency) to build a positive behavior support system from our audience.

The more your community sees these variations, the more they’ll come to understand they are all one in the same!

Use This For Your Brand Today!

If you aren’t claiming as many social media and web 2.0 placements as you can right now, you’re missing out on the basics of SEO.

Think of it this way, Nike wants to own it’s brand names in as many places as possible. You, and your business, should want to do exactly the same! Not just Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube (though those should be staples in your corral), but Weebly, Blogger, WordPress, and any other of the 1000’s of link opportunities out there!

If you’re not sure where to start, let us know, we have a special package just for building your brand moat!




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