What It Takes To Rank A Digital Marketing Agency

In the world of SEO, you sometimes come across a keyword like Digital Marketing Agency Phoenix which pose a problem.

The problems, and more importantly, solutions, are what we’ll address on this page.

Why All Keywords Or Agencies Are NOT Created Equal.

In SEO there are tons of factors that determine your ranking, but in this article, we’ll discuss 4 of the main factors that weigh the heaviest when it comes to ranking a page in search engines.

The Four Main SEO Factors That Get You 90% Of The Say To Ranking:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • User Experience (otherwise known as UX)
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

We’ll go over each of these briefly.

Keyword Difficulty
Keyword difficulty ranking graph

When it comes to keyword difficulty, in SEO speak, you’re talking about the amount of traffic that search term has verse the number of sites trying to rank for that term.

Take for example Digital Marketing Agency Phoenix… it gets hundreds of relevant searches a month, but there is relatively low competition for said keyword.

One of the main reasons for this (we believe), is that it’s not a conversational keyword. This means that it doesn’t flow in content as easily without a modifying word like “in” or “from” stuck in the middle between Agency and Phoenix.

This makes the keyword Digital Marketing Agency Phoenix more difficult to write content around that doesn’t seem as if that site is intentionally trying to rank for a very specific term.

When creating content, it helps to use keywords that are easy to slip into the text without the reader, or search engine, feeling as if it’s only written for a single reason… not to create value for the reader, but to trick the search engine into sending the site traffic.

Although with AI and algorithms getting smarter every day, semantic keywords and phrases are becoming more of a ranking factor than the actual keyword density.

Writing something like “We’re a digital marketing agency IN Phoenix, or FROM Phoenix wouldn’t rank the same as the digital marketing agency Phoenix. Those small modifiers make a big deal when it comes to SEO.

User Experience
user experience onsite

The next important ranking factor is UX (User Experience). If a user comes to your site and immediately leaves, search engines will start to penalize you for a high “bounce rate”.

This means that your site may be worthy of racking for the term “digital marketing agency Phoenix”, but something on your site is turning users away, and search engines want to ensure users enjoy the results suggested otherwise they may leave to another search engine competitor.

If you want to make sure the content you are creating is going to rank well, make sure your site loads relatively fast, has relevant content to what the search snippet suggests, and doesn’t bombard the visitor with popups, ads, and sound enabled video… they won’t stick around long, and your ranking will tank because of it!

Two of the biggest factors search engines are looking for these days are SSL sites and actual site speed. Don’t skimp when it comes to security or speed. Our hosting partners are primed for speedy WordPress sites and know that it can make or break your listings. (Let us help you manage your site!)

On Page Optimization
SEO onpage optimization

This ranking factor and the following are where “SEO’s” start to lose their minds.

Some get very secretive about their tactics, others bicker about what needs to go where, and how many times each keyword/or factor needs to be on the page to be successful.

We at Painted Brick Digital believe in empirical testing. Without testing, it’s guessing. But that’s a topic for another page/post.

The on page optimization for a keyword like digital marketing agency Phoenix really comes down to a handful of main factors.

  1. How many times does the keyword show up in the text?
  2. Are you using semantic language? (An example of a semantic term would be “Scottsdale Advertising Agency”)
  3. Do you have relevant images with relevant Alt tags?
  4. Are their links to other relevant content on your site?
  5. Are their links to other relevant content on an authority site?

That’s on page in a nutshell. Where the finesse of SEO comes from is getting the right mix of all those things to ensure your page that is trying to rank for “digital marketing agency Phoenix” shows up above your competitors.

Off Page Optimization
Off-page Optimization

Like we mentioned before, this is another point where “SEO’s” go crazy. How many links? What kind or quality of links? What anchor text?

…and the list goes on.

Off page, in very simple terms, is all about links back to your site or content. Links count as votes for the quality of your content vs other sites trying to rank for the same keyword.

There are many variations in quality, strength, and variety when it comes to links, and this is where being an SEO expert comes in handy. It’s why our clients pay us.

Not all links are created equal. We like to err on the side of links from strong sites that carry more weight wherever and whenever possible.

If you’re starting from scratch, this may be more difficult to execute, but over time, with the right content strategy (and working with the right SEO agency… us!), you’ll be able to secure these types of powerful links.

As a full-service marketing agency that specializes in content and SEO, we figure out the mix you need to outrank your competitors.

When looking at a keyword like “digital marketing agency Phoenix”, a good mix of local Phoenix links, national marketing/advertising links, and business blogs would certainly help drive our search listing to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results.

Solutions For Ranking Tough Keywords Like “Digital Marketing Agency Phoenix”

In a world that is constantly being overrun with content, sometimes you have to get creative.

If you know about writing for SEO, you’ve probably already caught on, if not, we’ll let you in on the secret.

As we mentioned before the keyword “digital marketing agency Phoenix” poses a special issue in that it’s not exactly easy to write content that is conversational around it.

Well, after looking at the opportunity available, our team figured out that if we wrote a page that used that keyword as just a keyword, we could possibly rank for it.

So we wrote a page or the page that you are reading. It’s a sneaky test… We have test sites that where we try to figure out factors, but as a good marketing firm should, we decided to see what we could do on a live, new, and small site.

If you found this article on page one let us know… (not like we’re not tracking it’s rankings closely).

Hopefully, you’ve read this far and it’s given you some insight on basic search engine optimization while at the same time giving us a sneaky upper hand on ranking If you’re creating your own content, think of creative ways to rank for a great keyword that are hard to write for. Or just reach out to us, and we can get your site ranking!

An Interesting Takeaway

This practice won’t work all the time. In fact, it probably won’t work most of the time. But it might work some of the time. The point is that a high volume keyword with low competition like digital marketing agency phoenix takes some time to think of an angle.

Most marketers moved (or would move) on in hopes of finding an easier keyword to create content around. Although it took us longer than usual to invent and write the relevant content, we know that it could bring visitors like you to our site, show some of our creativity, and potentially win us your business.

This creative problem solving matched with years of experience are what make Painted Brick Digital, a Scottsdale based advertising agency,  a powerful ally to have on your side.