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Lead Generation Campaign

When a high-dollar real estate deal in Arizona wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, a frustrated client came to us.

They had already tried marketing 30+ large land parcels with another agency but saw little success—just two leads in three months from an underperforming campaign.

Ready for a change, they challenged us to do better. We rolled up our sleeves and in just three days, we crafted a fresh digital marketing strategy that started delivering results almost immediately.

Client: A real estate company specializing in high-dollar land parcels in Arizona


Digital Marketing and Lead Generation for Real Estate

Campaign Challenges

The client had previously collaborated with a New York-based agency to develop a website and digital marketing campaign aimed at selling 30+ parcels of land, each spanning 40-50 acres. Despite a significant investment of time and resources, the initial effort yielded poor results:

  • Only two leads generated after three months
  • Underperforming landing pages with minimal user engagement
  • An investment of nearly $7,000 with negligible ROI

Campaign Objectives

Our agency was tasked with overhauling the client’s digital marketing strategy to increase lead generation and maximize the efficiency of advertising spend.

    Lead Gen Strategies Implemented

    1. Landing Page Redesign: Within just three days, our team developed four distinct landing page variations on our own platform, but on subdomains of the orginal site. Each version featured compelling calls to action tailored to engage different customer segments.
    2. Cost-Effective Advertising: We initiated a targeted ad campaign with a modest daily budget of $10 across two quick and dirty creatives.
    3. Lead Nurturing: Integration of a PDF lead magnet and a follow-up email sequence to sustain interest and guide potential customers through the decision-making process.

      Real Estate Lead Campaign Results

      • The redesigned landing pages achieved a conversion rate of nearly 5% on email submissions, a significant improvement over the previous campaign.
      • Our strategic ad placements and optimized landing pages led to an immediate increase in qualified leads, vastly outperforming the earlier three-month period with 23 leads in the first 2 days.
      • The client observed a substantial enhancement in ROI, with lead acquisition costs dramatically reduced compared to the previous agency’s efforts.

        Real Estate Lead Campaign Results

        By focusing on agile methodologies and responsive marketing strategies, our agency successfully revitalized a stagnating marketing campaign within days.

        The rapid deployment and A/B testing of optimized landing pages combined with strategic ad spending proved critical in turning potential leads into engaged customers, thereby demonstrating the importance of adaptability and precision in digital marketing.

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