Case Study: Production Studio


SEO Campaign

It was our pleasure to be contacted by a local production studio that also had satellite offices in New York and LA. 

They were looking to grow their reach in the national market for business-to-business opportunities. 

Case Study - Production Studio

We started the project with an audit as we could see that there were some glaring technical issues and we wanted to be sure we were addressing everything that could possibly affect rankings.

During the audit, we found index issues that were essentially blocking search engine spiders from crawling more than 60% of their site.

After correcting those errors and cleaning up a few others, we began optimizing content, creating new relevant content for their audience, and building PR and guest post links to help increase their value in search engines’ eyes.

After about 3 months of this Google and other search engines picked up on their efforts and increased their traffic to the point where they were turning down inquiries. 



Project Length 1 Year


Over Doubled The Organic Traffic To The Site


440% Increase In Organic Leads