Case Study: Luxury Brand


SEO Campaign

Most online stores ignore the power of SEO till they find themselves behind the 8ball of shrinking budgets. 

This client was no exception. 

Case Study - Ecomm - Luxury Brand

Like most E-commerce companies SEO takes a back seat to their paid ad campaigns. 

We get it, especially in the earlier “make it or break it” phase of running an online store. 

But eventually, the tab for paid ads gets too high and they start to look for alternatives. 

In this case, they came to us looking to supplement their paid efforts, but in the course of a year, they’ve shifted more than 50% of their paid ads budget over to SEO to continue their explosive growth. 

Figuring out that the same page can drive traffic even if the ad account is empty is a revelation that will change your ecom game in a hurry. 

Optimization, authority links, and brand building are what we’ve been focusing on since day one. 


Project Length 1 Year


Destroyed Traffic Goals


Substantially shrunk paid ads budget in favor of higher converting (and cheaper) SEO traffic