Case Study: Local Cabinet Manufacturer


SEO Campaign

A local focused cabinet manufacturer was introduced to us looking for some help with their SEO. 

After taking a look, it was clear that they had been hit by an update. 

Case Study - Production Studio

At the start of this project, it was quite obvious that they had been hit pretty hard by a dreaded Google Update. 

The first tasks were to figure out why they had seen the drop and what was holding them at their new traffic level. 

Realizing that it was mostly EEAT metrics partnered with some “Bert” content issues, we were able to optimize their target pages while helping them fulfill their “Authority” in Google’s eyes with a PR link push. 

These combined put them back on the right track for intense growth. 

(We’re now in the process of pruning and consolidating after getting hit with the “Useful Content” update.)


Project Length 1 Year


Rescued them from a dreaded "Algo Update" and turned their traffic trend around.


Still working with them after the latest update re-shuffle.