Charity Website Donation

Every six months we make it a point to give back to the community by donating our services to charities and organizations in need.

We donate 40 hours (a week worth) of our time to help build a stunning website for those in need. It’s our way of giving back to those making a difference in the world.

Over the years we’ve been privileged enough to donate our time to many different causes and the one thing we’ve noticed is that in many cases, the folks at these charities were so busy and focused on making a difference that they didn’t spend much time making their online platforms engaging. Telling their stories seemed like a very important part of their efforts so we thought we’d help them out.

That’s how our PBD2 Community give back started. It’s our way of thanking these charities for what they do for the communities they serve.

If you are part of a charity and looking to freshen up… or build your online status, please reach out and tell us a little about yourself!