Best Digital Marketing Channels For Your Business

There are many options these days when it comes to Digital Marketing channels. Written word to video content, images and tweets, but which makes the most sense for your business?

These days, popular opinion is to be on all of them, but why waste time doing okay work on a all the digital marketing channels when you can do great work on a few.

The few that make sense for your business to put time and resources towards are individual to your needs. Building content on the media channels that your customers are using to find the answers YOU HAVE to their questions. The question you need to ask yourself is “What strategy works best for my business?”

Remove the clutter, the hype and the fuss and focus in on a plan that puts you in the right channels and in front of the right audience. Are you going to get on Instagram because it’s popular, or because it compliments your company and makes sense for your brand?

When choosing the right digital marketing channels, there are a few things to consider… and we’re not even getting into your Website!

SEO Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Is Everywhere

It starts on every page of your site, all the way down to the site structure and spreads out to all those other sites casting votes (links) your way. Get it all dialed in and you’ll have a lead generation engine that works 24/7… for free. 

Google PPC
Their Looking For The Solution, Help Them Find You

Paid Search (PPC) is still one of the best platforms to get new customers closer to the buying intent. It’s also one of the best platforms to waste money with good intentions. Google makes things easy (to spend budget), but it’s not always the best way. We’ll move your starting line closer to your finish line.

Content Marketing
Killer Content That Keeps Them Coming Back

Content goes hand in hand with SEO. Creating content that drives eyes, and makes you the authority is the key. The right content can bring you site visitors and give you insights on blind spots you may have in paid marketing campaigns. It can also give you more to talk about in those campaigns. It’s not going away, it’s only growing, lets water it together.

Facebook Advertising
Pin-Point Their Pockets

The amazing thing about Facebook Ads is the level of interest you can target down to. Facebook is ALWAYS collecting data (even when you leave it open in your browser and leave the site), every click, page view, and purchase. This gives us the ability to laser target people that would most likely have an interest in your product or service. There are some crazy tricks we know that you can take advantage of… let’s start today!

Email Marketing
Be Their Perfect Digital PenPal

Email marketing isn’t dead, and with the addition of Messanger ad platforms, re-connecting on a constant basis is more effective than ever. Let us help you craft an engaging story that makes your list wait on the edge of their seats for your next communication.

Social Media Marketing
Become Friends With Their Friends

Social Media Influencers move the needle. Period.
The right influencer is just the right mix of cost and effectiveness. Too many have a large following, but that following isn’t engaged. Wouldn’t you rather 150k buyers verse 1m looky-loos? Let us comb our network for you best fit.

Video Conent
Captivate With A Camera

If written content is king. Video content is God. It’s crazy to think that 300-500 hours of video content are being uploaded to Youtube every minute. And with 5 BILLION videos being watched every day, it’s hard to deny that the audience isn’t there. Get your brand in front of that engaged audience. We’ll help you make it!

Youtube Ads
Made To Be In Movies

5 Billion videos watched a day… do you think it’s a good place to have your message seen? The best part is that we’ve figured out a way to retarget you active audience and drive up your ROI. Even video on Facebook is cheaper than traditional ads. You’ve got a brand for movies!

Fill Your Funnel
Cold Traffic Rarely Converts
***No.1 Tip On Our Site***

In a world of Amazon reviews and Social Media INfluencers, unless your product or service is revolutionary, you’re going to need to convince then convert.

This means utilizing your marketing mix to keep your brand and message in front of your prospects till that time is just right.

Email, Retargeting, Content and the rest all play a role. Let’s work together to decide which are the best marketing channels you can use to set a plan in place from the top of the funnel to money in your bank.

Drop us a line. 
We’d love to discuss which digital marketing channels you’re interested in!

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